Alistair the Eagle

By , June 3, 2008

I always thought Alistair Darling looked like a Thunderbird, but today realised who those eyebrows really reminded me of: Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.

Alistair the Eagle?

4 Responses to “Alistair the Eagle”

  1. Steven says:

    My friend showed me this about an hour after I’d said the same thing – brilliant observation. Great minds think alike, apparently!

  2. adeline says:

    have been thinking about that but forgot the name of the eagle from muppet show. Yes, it’s Sam the Eagle. They really look alike…!!

  3. Drew says:

    Yet another good reason to vote Lib Dem. Don’t let this muppet run the country into the ground.

  4. Ainsley says:

    Amazing. Last night I googled the Eagle images, because he looked like Alastair. Laughed till I cried when I saw that others got to this years before me.

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